Meghan Conrad, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Why I am starting my own practice.

I had been dreaming of owning my practice for years. And this was the next logical step once I stepped away from my management role in March 2020. I had a rough vision of the steps I needed to accomplish before I felt that I could start my own thing. Even with those accomplishments and milestones met, this is still very much an uphill climb! It’s kind of like having children, you understand that it will be a lot of work but you really don’t get it until you are living your experience and raising your family.

Why work for myself?

  • Doing my own thing allows me to treat people the way I believe they need to be treated in order get better. I get to do the work I love!
  • I don’t like to follow rules that don’t serve you or me. That was happening with some of the rules placed by the previous company and by insurance companies.
  • Because it will prevent me from burning out of a job that I love. Compassion fatigue is real and most people will struggle with it at some point. It hits even sooner when you are fatigued from following rules that don’t serve your purpose.

One of the main blocks that prevented me from starting my own company the past few years is billing. Health insurance companies have dictated the physical therapy profession for years. The progress we have made to keep patients safe with direct access to physical therapy has changed dramatically in the last ten years. The increase in education for physical therapists to be doctors of the profession, taught us how to screen for conditions that would warrant you to seek further medical advice. Insurance companies have recognized that it is advantageous for them to allow patients to go directly to an expert in body pain- physical therapist- instead of needing to see their primary care provider for a referral first. With that obstacle out of the way, now you can come see me if you feel your body is in pain and you want to understand it and get help for it.

Why pay cash when you already pay so much for health insurance?

  • Billing for care that comes out of your pocket at the time of service can be sent via receipt to your health insurance company toward your large deductible or for reimbursement directly to you.
  • The more demand we can create for better care at a cheaper cost will help change the health care system.
  • Most healthcare providers that are no longer in systems typically provide you with better expert care. They have realized that working for big systems limit their ability to provide their best work to you.

To see the difference in care, set up a phone consult or if you are ready to improve your health, schedule with me.

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