Source Physical Therapy is a women-owned and operated physical therapy company.  While each therapist is an independent business owner of our own personal companies, we have chosen to join forces and support one another, providing services under the collaborative entity that is Source PT.  Our mission at Source is to provide the highest quality physical therapy experience to all of our patients. At Source, we understand that no two patients are the same. Each patient is treated as an individual with a unique health history, and we tailor our plans and treatment to fit each person’s health and wellness goals.


We created Source because we envisioned a better model of care for our patients. Coming from backgrounds of working for insurance-based physical therapy clinics, we were able to see how quantity is valued over quality of care within this model. With an insurance-based model, we were often limited in what services we could provide, what types of conditions we could treat, and how long we could see a patient. This model also placed the emphasis on optimizing reimbursement from insurance companies instead of choosing the plan of care that was truly best for the patient.

simplified Process

Insurance should not dictate your care.  In order for us to focus on your individual health and healing and to avoid patient care being controlled by insurers, Source Physical Therapy is considered an out-of-network provider with all commercial insurance plans. With a flat rate paid at the time of your visit, you will not be getting any surprise bills in the mail. We can provide you with documentation that you may submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement through out-of-network benefits. We accept credit cards, cash, HSAs, and FSAs as methods of payment.

MIND + Body + SouL

Understanding the source of your symptoms is our specialty. We want to uncover the underlying issues that are contributing to your pain, and address them directly for long term results. This allows you to become empowered and educated about your health concerns. We want all of our patients to leave with a better understanding of how their body functions, and with the tools they need to take control of their health. Our extensive background and training in anatomy, movement analysis, and hands-on, functional treatment techniques helps us determine the best possible treatment plan for you and your unique needs.

Let us help you discover the source of your symptoms.